The virtuous wife from Proverbs 31 is what I strive for even in my singleness. At the age of 52, being single isn’t all it’s cracked up to be anymore. It never really was. I never set out to be divorced after 25 years of marriage. But like all things, life happens. The thing I... Continue Reading →

Brave. Never Alone

To say that the last 3 years have been anything less than a roller coaster ride would be an understatement. This post-divorce journey - a single mom of 2 kids still living at home, two adult children living their own life afar, an exchange student who has been living with me for the past year,... Continue Reading →

Burned to Bring Light

We've all been burned in some way or another.  Maybe from a past love, a boss or coworker, an old friendship, or even by a child or family member.  Many times it stems from something we've done ourselves - a mistake or misstep in life; a misspoken word;  an emotional reaction to an intense situation,... Continue Reading →

Wear the Red Dress!

When in doubt...wear the red dress!  Red is probably my favorite color, and also one that creates many emotions.  For me, the obvious emotion of red is love - Valentines Day, hearts, etc.  For others, red may bring feelings of anger or tension.  It's a powerful color with a unique ability to stir up strong... Continue Reading →

Mentee to Mentor

My writing mentor passed away two years ago this month, and I always remember him by reading a few chapters of one of his novels.  I can still hear his advice ringing in my head as I type the words of my new book...'passive vs. active voice', or 'description description description'.  He hated romance novels,... Continue Reading →

Washing of Feet

Last weekend, my mom asked me to come over and help do a few things for her and my Grandma.  One of those things was giving my Grandmother a bath.  She is 90 years old, blind, and very unstable on her feet.  That particular week, my grandmother's helper had the previous day off and was... Continue Reading →

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