To New Adventures in 2015!

My 2014 was filled with highs and lows like many of yours were I’m sure.   The biggest ‘high’ was publishing my first novel, HOPE IN THE RAIN, this past April – a veritable milestone and an unexpected gift in my life! With that came book HopeintheRain_SandySinnett Cover200pxsignings and people asking for my autograph (very surreal), 5-Star reviews on Amazon that made me cry, and posts on my Facebook page giving me praise for the words I had written. I can’t even begin to describe how humbling of an experience it has been thus far.  For that, I am grateful beyond words.

I was privileged last week to play ‘Santa’ and deliver gifts to a local family that my company adopted for the holidays.  When I got to the last item (an envelope filled with gift cards for her to treat her family to a night out, for food or just to have the ability to buy her own gifts for her kids), I broke down. I handed her the envelope and told her what was inside, then as she stood there and cried, I cried right along with her and hugged her.  She was overwhelmed by the generous gifts we had donated and her reaction almost brought me to my knees.  I will cherish that memory forever – seeing her face and hhope1ow we had helped make her Christmas even brighter.  That was the best way I could have ended this year…giving hope to others.

In many other ways however, 2014 has been a year of ‘wandering in the desert’  – trying to find my way back home, or to a place where I feel at home.  During a recent trip to my favorite Asian restaurant, my fortune from a cookie read, ‘You will soon find new adventure in life.’ I like that!  So many things have happened lately to make me realize that what I want, and what God wants for me, may be two very different things. But until I know for sure what path to travel, I will continue to seek His face and commit my new year to God and getting to know Him better.  I’m up for a new adventure in 2015 as long as I know God is lighting the way before me.  Besides, I know myself well enough by now that if I go my own way…I’m sure to either get lost or miss my exit. I’m a horrible navigator –  always more worried about finding the next Starbucks than anything else! 

So, here’s tnewyearo finding new adventures in 2015, wherever they may be, and to finding my way home! Thanks to my small, but mighty, group of fans who gave me inspiration to keep writing.  I hope to release Book Two, Storms of Grace, next summer! And stay tuned for my first mystery romance novel, My Blue Valentine, coming in 2016!

Until then, I wish you all a wonderful and Happy New Year!  God bless!


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