When I Am Weak, He is Strong

As I typed my blog subject today, I was reminded of the song “Jesus Loves Me” that I was taught long ago in Sunday school.  Within it contains the words ‘…they are weak but HE is strong’ – the ‘they’ describing little ones, or children.  I would imagine from God’s perspective, we’re all little, the young and the old.  This week, I took ownership of the fact that I aweaknessm weak in many ways.  One, I am too weak to give up my expensive coffee even though I know I need to – not only for budget reasons, but for my health.  Two, I stopped going to the gym when I started writing, so my upper arm strength is a complete joke – physically weak.  And three, I am somewhat weak-minded, and tend to let others influence my decisions even when it’s not what I want at all. I’m more concerned about pleasing everyone else instead of myself, and honestly hate to rock the boat.  So I don’t.  (I can still be pretty stubborn and strong-willed though, when it counts.) Yes, the list is much longer than that, trust me!  Those are just a few examples.  And don’t you just hate that question in an interview?

  “What are some of your weaknesses, Ms. Sinnett?”

“Well, sir…I’m always late, I oversleep a lot, I really don’t like people, and, oh yeah…I don’t actually like to work.”

Wouldn’t you love to say that just once for kicks?  I’m sure their reaction alone would be priceless. LOL!  🙂

My quiet time last night happened to address the issue of being weak, and it reminded me that the weaker I am, the easier it is for me to open the door to God’s presence and rely on his strength…in all situations.  Not everything in life turns out the way we plan or anticipate.  Yes, we might get lucky at times and it all comes together, but I’m sure they are few in number.  I can plan an event and try to anticipate every possible challenge or obstacle, but when it’s showtime, there’s typically one or two things that will trip me up or throw a wrinkle in everything and I have to scramble to find a solution, and make sure those wrinkles remain unnoticed to the guests.  It’s those things though that keep me on my toes and challenge me.  What fun would life be if EVERYTHING turned out exactly how we planned?  There would be no spontaneity, no accidental friendships (to which I owe meeting my best friend Laura), no chance encounters with a long lost love, no hope of finding new love, no room for creativity or learning new ways to accomplish things, and in my case…no 4th child (he definitely wasn’t planned, but I couldn’t imagine life without him).  Nope…life would be no fun at all!

If being weak helps me become more dependent on God, to guide me toward His plan for my life and not stress about my own plans, thestrengthn I will gladly be a weakling!  The important thing for me to remember, is that God loves me in spite of my weakness, and I will continue to have hope that He will help me accept them, and then give me the answers and help I need to grow stronger through them.  I hope you will embrace your weaknesses, and know that God is using them to mold you into who He wants you to be.  Lean on God’s strength, and learn to put your past and your future in HIS hands.  It’s not always easy, and I struggle with it daily, but surely it will make this life a little more enjoyable to live if we can pull it off.

Until next time…

2 Corinthians 12:9 ESV: But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.


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