About Sandy

Sandy began writing in high school, mostly poetry back then.  She continued to journal through college, but once she married and started a family, writing came to a screeching halt. 
Sandy wouldn’t have had it any other way back then.  Being a mother and wife became her focus in life and highest priority.  Now 25 years and four kids later, her life has changed directions in ways she had never imagined.  After a vacation to her hometown in Illinois however, on her return flight back to Seattle, her first novel ‘Hope in the Rain’ was born even though the first word wouldn’t be written for another year.
Sandy started writing in July 2012 while her then husband was deployed to Afghanistan, all while working full-time and taking care of three kids still at home.  She admitted that sitting next to a nice, southern gentleman on that flight gave her the initial inspiration for the male character, but the heart of the story came from her best girlfriend, Laura Tinnin-Lewis.  Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, just three short months after her wedding day.  Sandy used Laura’s real-life experience in the book as a way to honor her friend and raise awareness of the importance of early detection and annual breast exams. It started out as more of a short story, but 100,000 words later, it became a sweet romance novel and still astounds her today that she did it, and actually had it published. 
  “God truly carried me throughout this experience and taught me so much about myself and who HE truly is.  I’m forever grateful for the words He gave me to write this book…even if it’s the only one I ever write (which I hope it isn’t),” Sandy stated.     

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