Wear the Red Dress!

When in doubt…wear the red dress!  Red is probably my favorite color, and also one that creates many emotions.  For me, the obvious emotion of red is love – Valentines Day, hearts, etc.  For others, red may bring feelings of anger or tension.  It’s a powerful color with a unique ability to stir up strong emotions.  Men will wear a red power tie to help make a big sales pitch, or to an important interview.  It draws people in when they look at a black and white photo showing a singular red feature – a scarf around a woman’s neck perhaps.  An local Romance Author might add a little red umbrella to the front cover of her first novel to catch a reader’s eye as she peruses the book shelves (wink wink).  During this Christmas season, we now see the infamous ‘red cups‘ filled with coffee that many enjoy, holding it in their hands for warmth on a cold winters day.

In my favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas, there are stunning red dresses worn during the last scene.  I’ve always dreamed of wearing that dress someday! Even my favorite Christmas tree has a red dress bodice, and the tree is the skirt.  I named her ‘Audrey’. 

Not too long ago, I attended a fundraising event with some co-workers.  I could have worn the classic little black dress, as many women do for parties (and I am a BIG fan of the little black dress don’t get me wrong), but that year I was about to make some big changes in my life and I wanted the dress to reflect my inner strength, so to speak.  So I pulled out the red satin, sleeveless dress and wore it with pride, although a little hesitant at first. Yes the black dress was in the car just in case I chickened out lol…

Have you ever been torn between two choices, and you always seem to make the ‘safe’ choice because you know that is what everyone expects of you?  The choice that is ‘comfortable’ always makes the most sense right?  NO…NOT ALL THE TIME!  The difference between choosing what you know you want – deep down, or choosing what is expected of you, can make the difference in the quality of your life, regardless of quantity.  Don’t get me wrong, there is also a difference in choosing what is right and what simply ‘feels good’, but only you (and God if you are a believer) will know what that means.  No one can tell you otherwise, so don’t let them!  I like to think though, that even when we make a choice and it turns out to be the wrong one (because we all have and unfortunately will again and again), God can use it to shape our future and make us stronger and wiser.  And yes, it’s rare, but sometimes…we might even get a second chance to choose right.

My Christmas tree lights just kicked off, indicating that it’s way past my bedtime (I have Hallmark channel to thank for that lol), and I’m thinking its about time to pull out that red dress again!  Where would I go to need such a bold dress?  Well, it is the holidays right? I don’t know exactly where yet, but I’ll know when the time comes.  Maybe Mr. Right will ask me to a fun party or maybe I’ll just wear it and go to the party by myself, proud of the woman God made me…faults and all!

Maybe it’s not the red dress so much, but how I feel when I’m wearing the dress.

In the end…the dress is simply a symbol of my confidence, strength, living out loud (as my GF tells me I should do all the time), not being afraid of the future, trusting God to guide me despite my bad choices, and sometimes it means taking a chance even when I’m scared to death!  Tred-dress-2he red dress is my way of saying, “I can do it!” or “I’m WORTH it!”

So yes, when in doubt, I will choose the red dress!  (Or the white one because your daughter specifically picked it out for you while shopping lol…but in that case always wear the red shoes!)

Is it time for you to choose the red dress/tie?
Until next time…



To New Adventures in 2015!

My 2014 was filled with highs and lows like many of yours were I’m sure.   The biggest ‘high’ was publishing my first novel, HOPE IN THE RAIN, this past April – a veritable milestone and an unexpected gift in my life! With that came book HopeintheRain_SandySinnett Cover200pxsignings and people asking for my autograph (very surreal), 5-Star reviews on Amazon that made me cry, and posts on my Facebook page giving me praise for the words I had written. I can’t even begin to describe how humbling of an experience it has been thus far.  For that, I am grateful beyond words.

I was privileged last week to play ‘Santa’ and deliver gifts to a local family that my company adopted for the holidays.  When I got to the last item (an envelope filled with gift cards for her to treat her family to a night out, for food or just to have the ability to buy her own gifts for her kids), I broke down. I handed her the envelope and told her what was inside, then as she stood there and cried, I cried right along with her and hugged her.  She was overwhelmed by the generous gifts we had donated and her reaction almost brought me to my knees.  I will cherish that memory forever – seeing her face and hhope1ow we had helped make her Christmas even brighter.  That was the best way I could have ended this year…giving hope to others.

In many other ways however, 2014 has been a year of ‘wandering in the desert’  – trying to find my way back home, or to a place where I feel at home.  During a recent trip to my favorite Asian restaurant, my fortune from a cookie read, ‘You will soon find new adventure in life.’ I like that!  So many things have happened lately to make me realize that what I want, and what God wants for me, may be two very different things. But until I know for sure what path to travel, I will continue to seek His face and commit my new year to God and getting to know Him better.  I’m up for a new adventure in 2015 as long as I know God is lighting the way before me.  Besides, I know myself well enough by now that if I go my own way…I’m sure to either get lost or miss my exit. I’m a horrible navigator –  always more worried about finding the next Starbucks than anything else! 

So, here’s tnewyearo finding new adventures in 2015, wherever they may be, and to finding my way home! Thanks to my small, but mighty, group of fans who gave me inspiration to keep writing.  I hope to release Book Two, Storms of Grace, next summer! And stay tuned for my first mystery romance novel, My Blue Valentine, coming in 2016!

Until then, I wish you all a wonderful and Happy New Year!  God bless!

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving already? I can’t!  This year has flown by and it will be over before you know it.  I’ve always loved Thanksgiving, and the holiday season in general, but outside of the dinner and football, the Thanksgiving holiday itself is an afterthought for most people.  Not many people decorate for it, and I don’t know that I’ve seen a Thanksgiving decoration in the stores in years.

Growing up, my mom always set out these little old Pilgrims and Native American statuettes, apilgrim cornucopia, and some colorful fall leaves.  That was about it.  I tried that for a while, but by the time I took down the Halloween decorations, November was half over and it wasn’t worth the time or trouble…so instead I moved right onto Christmas!

Thanksgiving has always been a day filled with amazing food, long hours of cooking and baking in the kitchen with my mom and grandma, followed by chit-chat around the kitchen table and enjoying a slice of homemade chocolate, pumpkin, or lemon pie while my family laughed and played games.  Of course, it was hard to hear each other talk over the dull roar of snores coming from the men reclining in the living room and the football game blaring in the distance, but it was a fun day nonetheless and for the most part, good memories were created.

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My Birthday Blog

Today is my birthday!  It turns out I celebrate the SAME birthday as the incredible popular kid’s show…SESAME STREET!  You’ll have to Google that little fun fact and and do the math…I’m not giving it away that easy!  It was one of my favorites growing up and I have many fond memories of watching it with my brother and my mom.  Do you have a favorite character?  Mine has always been Grover, with Big Bird coming in a close second.  I like Grover for his auspicious grit and relentless drive to be everyone’s super hero, for his uncanny ability to make kids feel special and loved, his cute gravely voice and big pink nose, for his fun sense of humor, and of course for his beautiful blue fur – not too long, not too short.  groverSounds like the perfect man right?  Ha! 

I’m not sure what the Sesame Street crowd will be doing today, but I for one am starting my birthday out a little different that in past years.  First, I’m in my hometown of Illinois this weekend visiting my family…just me!  A mom’s getaway if you will.  So far, my morning has been filled with two of my favorite things – coffee and writing!  The rest of the day is unwritten as of yet, but I see a pedicure in my future and cooking with my mom to get ready for my Grandma’s birthday party tomorrow.  She will celebrate 89 years on Tuesday, and since I’m in town, we are going to celebrate her big day with a party!

This evening?  Well, that’s just for me and my wonderful girlfriends from high school.  We rarely get to see each other, and since three of us celebrate birthdays all within the 2nd week of November, we have planned an evening of fun, laughter, rehashing old memories, some good food, and hopefully a bottle of wine will be opened and shared too!

Birthdays are celebrated by some, but not by all of course.  I’m one that has always enjoyed my special day though.  It belongs ONLY to me (okay fine…and the thousands of other people who were born today), but it’s still MY day, unlike all the other sweet sixteenholidays that are shared with the masses and glamorized by commercial retailers.  My mom always made a big deal of my birthday and I guess she spoiled me a little by that, especially on my SWEET 16th!  She invited all my friends, decorated the garage, acquired a local band loved by many, and pulled off one of the BEST surprise parties I’ve ever had!  It was rather magical if I do say so myself and a night I’ll never forget. 

Well, that’s it for now – I have a fun day ahead!  Thanks spending a few minutes of my birthday with me today!  I hope your day is as special as you and I look forward to your next visit!