Washing of Feet

Last weekend, my mom asked me to come over and help do a few things for her and my Grandma.  One of those things was giving my Grandmother a bath.  She is 90 years old, blind, and very unstable on her feet.  That particular week, my grandmother’s helper had the previous day off and was unable to give her a bath, so I was more than happy to help.  I’ve only lived back home since October, and before that my amazing sister-in-law and cousin have always been there to help her when needed…so it was very nice to be able to help her finally.

I was humbled beyond belief as I washed her body and hair…being extra gentle as not to scratch her delicate, frail skin or scalp.  I know this is something that she had done for me as a baby and young girl for years, along with my mom of course, but it’s quite a different experience as an adult now bathing a grandparent.  After her bath was finished, it was time for lotion. I doused her with it from top to bottom, but what I didn’t expect was my reaction as I rubbed lotion on her feet.

I poured lotion on my hands, then started to gently massage it in, taking extra time with each one (because as one who loves to have her feet rubbed…I know it feels wonderful!).  Out of nowhere, I started crying.  Sobbing really.  My tears dripped all over her feet, but I simply rubbed them in along with the lotion…pretty sure she didn’t notice.  I couldn’t explain the tears, nor the overwhelming emotions of how special it was for me to do that for her.  I immediately thought of Jesus as he washed the feet of his disciples – showing and teaching them how much better it is to serve rather than be served.  As I continued, it felt as if my soul was being cleansed of a few things that were starting to cause some pretty bad stains. That alone brought me a joy I hadn’t felt in a long time.

I wept silently.  She couldn’t see me of course, and to my knowledge she never heard me, although I kept wiping my face with her dry washcloth and I think she was wondering what the heck I was doing.  I felt rather silly at one point, wondering what was wrong with me.  I couldn’t seem to stop the tears no matter how hard I tried.  (And no…it wasn’t ‘that time of month’.  Lucky for me those days are over!  LOL!)  In the end, she got an extra long foot massage just so I could calm down, but she didn’t complain.  I know my time with her on this earth is growing short, and I guess being able to perform that one act of love and kindness to her meant more to me than anything that day.  Time spent with my mom and dad, my brother and sister-in-law…those moments are so special to me being back home.  Although I’m still learning my way around town, and trying to make some new friends…I know one thing for sure – I am home, and exactly where God wants me.  For now.

Until next time,

Enjoy your next cup of tea or coffee, or latte, with someone you love and never take those moments for granted.  They are precious…and few.



Moments that Take Your Breath!

I was in a coffee shop this morning and saw a coffee mug that reflected the quote below; how life should be measured in moments that take yothe-moments-that-take-your-breath-away-5ur breath away.  No truer statement have I read in a long time.  Life should be about little moments that captivate us, and even take us by surprise!  We start a day thinking it will turn out a certain way, but depending on what happens during the day…isn’t it fun when it doesn’t go according to plan?  I know some friends who say they are creatures of habit – they have a specific routine and stick to it daily I’m sure.  I am not that way.  I live most days flying by the seat of my pants – as is the nature of my job, and my life as a mom.  On some level I envy them that routine, the consistency and order it must bring, but I wouldn’t trade it for being surprised by life!  Never!

I’m on vacation this week with my two youngest kids – visiting my parents and family, friends from school, etc.  It’s been a relaxing week so far, already filled with many surprises and unexpected happy moments like katydids, fireflies and thunder and lightening.  My best friend from Missouri drove down to visit me too, and we got some much needed girl time in, catching up on one another’s lives.  I cherish those moments with her, as I know I’m lucky to still have her in my life and on this earth!

Another special moment occurred during my morning run today.  I plotted my course and was about to reach my turn-around-point, when instead, I decided to push on to the next driveway ahead.  Just before I reached the drive however, I saw a daddy and mommy deer, and three tiny little spotted fawn, jump from out of the field and then ran across the road in front of me.  It was a sight I hadn’t seen in quite some time – not an entire family at least.  It was so peaceful out there…just wide open blue sky, the road under my feet, me, God, and the deer.  That moment took my breath away!

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