Sandy’s Web

I love the movie, Charlotte’s Web.  I watched the cartoon version with my kids years ago and remember seeing a newer version featuring real animals/people.  That one was quite good, and both very touching.  The story is poignant – one of loneliness, abandonment, but most importantly and ultimately…a story of friendship, great sacrifice and unconditional love.

Driving to Evansville, Indiana for training earlier this week, I opened my sunroof to let the sun and warm air pour in on top of me, then cranked the music.  The skies were a little cloudy, but just enough sun poked out to bring a smile to my face.  The hour and a half drive through the countryside was exactly what I needed, bImage result for charlotte's weboth there and back.  I have NEVER seen so many RED barns!  Is that an Indiana thing?  A Hoosier thing?  Someone should enlighten me on that…  Regardless,  I imagine those barns are filled with hundreds of cobwebs both big and small, like Charlotte’s.  Her web was woven with such care and love for her babies.  It was their safe haven, their source of food, their hiding place, and more.  For me, they are a nuisance!  There is nothing I hate more than walking through a big cobweb when I’m outside…yuck!  LOL! And actually seeing a spider?  OH NO!  Not a fan!  My kids aren’t either, and even the oldest will scream like a girl if he sees one.  🙂   But I digress…

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